• Série "Children's Praise & Worship" (compilations)

    Des chants issus de différents leaders pour enfants anglosaxons reconnus et appréciés (Ishmael, Jim Bailey, Doug Horley,...).

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     And our voices will sing


     Oh it's great, great, brill, brill


     I will praise you Lord


     O Lord, you're great


     Keep on walking


     Grace is


     Lord, you put a tongue in my mouth


     i am fearfully and wonderfully made


     Lord of the dance


     Lord, I lift your name on high


    When the Spirit of the Lord


    Lord you are calling



    Children's Praise & Worship (compilations)

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     Blessed be the name of the Lord

     One in a million

     There's nothing I like better than to praise

     I'm accepted

     Trust in the Lord

     Stories from along ago


     Just a song to say "I love you"

     Lord, do I really know you?

     Oi, oi, we're gonna praise the Lord

     Holy Spirit, fill me up

     2000 years on



    Children's Praise & Worship (compilations)

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     God loves me

     Good news

     Hands, hands, figers, thumbs

     God is good

     I am listening to God

     If you know God's love

     Jehovah Jireh, God will provide

     My God is so big

     Remember your Creator

     What a friend we have in Jesus

     You are the sunshine

     We want to see Jesus lifted high



    Children's Praise & Worship (compilations)

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     Who is the king of the jungle?    
     If I try and read a lttle bit o' Bible    
     A long time ago    
     Father, I place into your hands    
     Children of the cross    
     God knows the things we really need    
     You laid aside your majesty    
     Jesus is the light of the World    
     I'm special    
     I'm gonna build my house    
     Jesus cares for me    
     Not by might    


    Et une sélection spécifique pour les plus petits (- 5 ans):

    Children's Praise & Worship (compilations)

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     God is good

     What noise shall we make?

    God knwos the things

     When Jesus was a little child

     If I go climbing

     Jesus'love is so wonderful

     If I were a butterfly

     God made the stars

     Thank you for the snails

     The wise man build his house

     My God is so big

     God made my hands

     Thank you Lord for this fine day

    Thank you Lord... (you choose)

    Thank you for the food

    Simple song

    I can't stop

    God gave me ears

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